With its state-of- the-art digital sound and video equipment, the Avery Theater is comfortable setting where businesses and other groups can host both large- and small-group meetings. The auditorium lends itself to large-scale, multi-media presentations, while the Marquee Room is available for smaller groups or private parties on the mezzanine level of the theater.

Marquee Room & VIP Room

The Marquee Room and the VIP Room, located on the upper level of theater, are available to rent for a meeting or a special occasion. The Marquee Room, which overlooks the theater’s marquee through its signature art deco windows, has a 12-foot table situated underneath a beautiful chandelier.

The two rooms have seating space for 20 adults. If the space is  rented for a children’s event, the number of attendees will need prior approval by the management.  Basic rental fees include the designated spaces, including the table and chairs and use of the restrooms. A password-protected WiFi connection is also available.

When rented in connection with a regularly scheduled movie, the rooms can be rented at a cost of $40 for 1-3 hours, plus the purchase of individual movie tickets. A room-usage deposit is required. The VIP Room is equipped with 5.1 Surround Sound for an optimal viewing experience.

The Marquee Room can also be rented for use independent of the movie schedule. It is available for up to 8 hours at the cost of $100. The meeting, or event, must be concluded by 6 p.m., or one hour before any scheduled movie. A room-usage deposit is required.


The Auditorium has 195 seats plus 5 wheelchair spaces.  It can be rented for up to 4 hours at a cost of $350.  This includes use of the projector and the assistance of a trained volunteer to operate the technical equipment.  The meeting, or event, must be concluded by 6 p.m., or one hour before any scheduled movie. A room-usage deposit is required.

Rental Guidelines

  • It is the renter’s responsibility for the rental space to be returned to its’ original condition. Cleaning supplies and tools will be available for renter.  Set-up and clean-up time is included in the total number of hours rented.
  • Renters are responsible for complying with all applicable copyright laws for the various media used on Avery equipment and facilities.
  • Food may be brought into the facility.  The renter is responsible for coordinating any delivery scheduled for their event. There is no refrigerator or freezer space available.
  • Decorations CAN NOT to be attached to the walls, woodwork or any other surface that may become damaged by adhesives or holes. No open flames are allowed anywhere in the building; however small birthday candles on a cake are permitted.
  • After all guests, caterers, clean-up crew, etc. are off the premises at the end of the event, a representative from the Avery Theater will accompany the renter throughout the rented space for an inspection. Any damages or additional cleaning requirements will be noted at this time. The Avery representative will lock the Theater.
  • 100% rental deposit, equal to the contractual fees, is due at the time of signing the contract.
  • The reservation is only considered “confirmed” when the signed contract and deposit are returned to: Avery Theater, 495 State Street, Garner IA 50438

In order for the Avery Theater to be maintained in a manner that will provide for years of service to the community, the Board of Directors has established Facility Use Guidelines and Rental Policies. The complete list can be found here.

For more information about renting the Avery, contact the Theater Managers by sending an email to or leaving a message at 641-925-2879 (AVRY).