1970-2006: The Pharmacy Years

Feb 18, 1970 — The building is sold to Robert Nonnweiler & Dale Reichardt for development. The sloped floor is filled and leveled, interior walls are removed; the building reopened as Erickson’s Pharmacy.

May-June, 1970 – Erickson’s Pharmacy moves into its new location, the former Avery Theater building.

Sept. 17-18, 1971 — A Grand Opening is held for Erickson’s Pharmacy in its new location at 495 State Street. As a special treat for the children, on Saturday special guest Bart Curran, host of the popular local children’s television show “Bart’s Clubhouse,” will visit with youngsters.

Feb. 6, 1973 – Gus Erickson purchases the building that will continue to house his downtown pharmacy, gift shop and soda fountain.

About 2003 — The business was purchased by pharmacist Tammy Abbas and was re-named Tammy’s Pharmacy.   Erickson Distributing retained ownership of the building.

Oct. 2003 – The building was purchased by Jason Johnson of Rockledge Holding Co. Tammy’s Pharmacy continued to operate at that location through most of 2006.

Fall 2006 – Tammy’s Pharmacy moved to its new location and building on Highway 18. The building would remain vacant until interest began to grow about re-opening the location as a downtown movie theater.