Frequently Asked Questions

When are movies shown?

Movies are shown 6-days a week with the new show starting each Friday.  Times are as follows: Friday & Saturday 7PM, Sunday 4PM, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday thru Thursday 7PM.

How much does a movie cost?

Standard ticket prices are $4 for adults (12 & older); $3 for children (under 12). Movies shown in 3-D are $6 for adults, and $5 for children, or an additional $2 per ticket.

What types of movies will be shown?

The Avery has contracted with Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Studios among others. A variety of films will be shown to appeal to all audiences.  Whenever possible, movies will be shown in RealD 3D, and be closed captioned with descriptive video.

Is the theater handicap accessible?

The main floor is fully accessible, including the ground-level restrooms. The auditorium has five spaces reserved for wheelchair patrons that are interspersed throughout the seating area.

Hearing impaired patrons will have access to personal headsets. In addition, closed caption viewing devices are also available for use. Both items are available for use at any seat in the auditorium. To request a device, ask the volunteer working in the Ticket Booth.

How does a person work or volunteer at the theater?

Teams of volunteers will primarily staff the Avery. Send an email to or leave a message at 641-925-2879 (AVRY)..

How big is the screen?

The viewing area of the screen is 30-feet wide by 12-feet tall. The screen is a Harkness Spectral 240, an ultra-high brightness silver screen designed for 3D and realD movies.

How is the Avery different from other theaters?

Movies will be projected by the “brightest digital cinema projector available” onto a large 3D and RealD-capable silver screen. Movies using the technology, 7.1 surround-sound will embrace the auditorium patrons while those in the smaller VIP Lounge will hear action in 5.1 surround-sound. Spacious seating allows patrons of all sizes to view movies in comfort without fear of banging knees or sitting on top of one’s neighbor.

How many seats does the theater have?

The auditorium has seating for 198 people: there are 193 theater seats and 5 wheelchair spaces. The auditorium of the original Avery had 400 seats; with the new auditorium, care was taken to make wider-spaced rows and quality theater seats a top priority. Today’s Avery provides a quality viewing experience for all patrons.

What’s upstairs?

The projection booth, the VIP Lounge, and the Marquee Room.  The Marquee Room and the VIP Lounge are available for rent and must be reserved in advance. For more information about the rental policies, see the Rental page.

Can the theater be rented?

The VIP Lounge, and the Marquee Room can be rented for $40 for 1-3 hours, plus the purchase of movie tickets. The Marquee Room can be rented for private meetings at a cost of $100 for up to 8 hours. The Auditorium can be rented for $250 for up to 4 hours; this includes use of the projector and a trained volunteer to operate the technical equipment.

Room rentals must be concluded, and the room cleaned and vacated by 6 p.m., or one hour prior to the start of a scheduled movie. In all cases, a room-usage deposit is required. For more information about the rental policies, see the Rental page.

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