Accessible to All

Everyone enjoys a good movie. Likewise, everyone deserves the opportunity to be entertained along-side their family and friends.  With that in mind, the new Avery was designed with both accessibility and family-friendliness as top priorities.

Guests with Disabilities

For our hearing impaired guests, we offer both assistive listening devices, which clarify and intensify the movie’s audio, and closed captioning devices, which deliver a written description of the film’s audio.

Visually impaired guests can take advantage of descriptive video headsets, which provide narrated information about key visual actions, settings and scene changes.

Our theater has five (5) wheelchair spaces with companion seating interspersed throughout the auditorium. Remember, even if the show is sold out, some wheelchair spaces may be available. Be sure to ask at the box office.

Flexible Seating

Comfort is the word when it comes the the Avery’s theater seats. In addition to a generous 20″-width, the flip-up armrests allows for cuddle-friendly viewing. For our smaller viewers, children’s booster seats are also available.

In addition, our  seating is particularly helpful for our older patrons, or those of limited mobility who require personalized assistance. The spacious rows provide ample space for a caregiver to be optimally-positioned to aid the patron with becoming seated and arising at the conclusion of the feature presentation.

Cry Room

One unique feature of the Avery Theater is the Cry Room, designed for families with young children who might be unable to sit through a feature-length film. The Cry Room is available at no extra cost, though seating is limited.

To use the Cry Room, locate the stairs just inside the north door to the auditorium. At the top of the stairs, the Cry Room the first door on the left.

Patrons may choose to sit in the Cry Room before the feature presentation, or a parent and child can remove themselves from the auditorium during the film to avoid disturbing the other patrons. The Cry Room is the ideal spot for individuals to re-group while continuing to watch the movie.

The Cry Room honors the legacy of the original Avery Theater. From the beginning of 1931, the Cry Room was a much-appreciated feature for young families.  Today’s Cry Room is located in much the same space as its predecessor.